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Uttar Pradesh Result Status

Status Known For 80 out of 80 Constituencies
Constituency Const. No.Leading CandidateLeading PartyTrailing CandidateTrailing PartyMarginStatus

Agra18DR. RAM SHANKAR KATHERIABharatiya Janata PartyNARAYAN SINGH SUMANBahujan Samaj Party141455Counting In Progress
Akbarpur44DEVENDRA SINGH @ BHOLE SINGHBharatiya Janata PartyANIL SHUKLA WARSIBahujan Samaj Party81222Counting In Progress
Aligarh15SATISH KUMARBharatiya Janata PartyDR. ARVIND KUMAR SINGHBahujan Samaj Party217365Counting In Progress
Allahabad52SHYAMA CHARAN GUPTABharatiya Janata PartyKUNWAR REWATI RAMAN SINGH ALIAS MANISamajwadi Party16746Counting In Progress
Ambedkar Nagar55HARI OM PANDEYBharatiya Janata PartyRAKESH PANDEYBahujan Samaj Party59323Counting In Progress
Amethi37RAHUL GANDHIIndian National CongressSMRITI ZUBIN IRANIBharatiya Janata Party28022Counting In Progress
Amroha9KANWAR SINGH TANWARBharatiya Janata PartyHUMERA AKHTARSamajwadi Party115767Counting In Progress
Aonla24DHARMENDRA KUMARBharatiya Janata PartyKUNWAR SARVRAJ SINGHSamajwadi Party88144Counting In Progress
Azamgarh69MULAYAM SINGH YADAVSamajwadi PartyRAMAKANT YADAVBharatiya Janata Party34956Counting In Progress
Badaun23DHARMENDRA YADAVSamajwadi PartyVAGISH PATHAKBharatiya Janata Party60535Counting In Progress
Baghpat11DR. SATYA PAL SINGHBharatiya Janata PartyAJIT SINGHRashtriya Lok Dal144045Counting In Progress
Bahraich56SADHVI SAVITRI BAI FOOLEBharatiya Janata PartySHABBIR AHMADSamajwadi Party50254Counting In Progress
Ballia72BHARAT SINGHBharatiya Janata PartyNEERAJ SHEKHARSamajwadi Party69210Counting In Progress
Banda48BHAIRON PRASAD MISHRABharatiya Janata PartyR. K. SINGH PATELBahujan Samaj Party75945Counting In Progress
Bansgaon67KAMLESH PASWANBharatiya Janata PartySADAL PRASADBahujan Samaj Party123054Counting In Progress
Barabanki53PRIYANKA SINGH RAWATBharatiya Janata PartyP. L. PUNIAIndian National Congress118530Counting In Progress
Bareilly25SANTOSH KUMAR GANGWARBharatiya Janata PartyAYESHA ISLAMSamajwadi Party117833Counting In Progress
Basti61HARISH CHANDRA ALIAS HARISH DWIVEDIBharatiya Janata PartyBRIJ KISHOR SINGH "DIMPAL"Samajwadi Party21651Counting In Progress
Bhadohi78VIRENDRA SINGHBharatiya Janata PartyRAKESH DHAR TRIPATHIBahujan Samaj Party85541Counting In Progress
Bijnor4KUNWAR BHARTENDRABharatiya Janata PartySHAHNAWAZ RANASamajwadi Party182877Counting In Progress
Bulandshahr14BHOLA SINGHBharatiya Janata PartyPRADEEP KUMAR JATAVBahujan Samaj Party256433Counting In Progress
Chandauli76DR MAHENDRA NATH PANDEYBharatiya Janata PartyANIL KUMAR MAURYABahujan Samaj Party106438Counting In Progress
Deoria66KALRAJ MISHRABharatiya Janata PartyNIYAJ AHMADBahujan Samaj Party102197Counting In Progress
Dhaurahra29REKHABharatiya Janata PartyDAUD AHMADBahujan Samaj Party48048Counting In Progress
Domariyaganj60JAGDAMBIKA PALBharatiya Janata PartyMATA PRASAD PANDEYSamajwadi Party36606Counting In Progress
Etah22RAJVEER SINGH (RAJU BHAIYA)Bharatiya Janata PartyKU. DEVENDRA SINGH YADAVSamajwadi Party138177Counting In Progress
Etawah41ASHOK KUMAR DOHAREYBharatiya Janata PartyPREMDAS KATERIYASamajwadi Party123338Counting In Progress
Faizabad54LALLU SINGHBharatiya Janata PartyMITRASEN YADAVSamajwadi Party55284Counting In Progress
Farrukhabad40MUKESH RAJPUTBharatiya Janata PartyRAMESHWAR SINGH YADAVSamajwadi Party51672Counting In Progress
Fatehpur49NIRANJAN JYOTIBharatiya Janata PartyAFZAL SIDDIQUIBahujan Samaj Party133777Counting In Progress
Fatehpur Sikri19BABULALBharatiya Janata PartySEEMA UPADHYAYBahujan Samaj Party22458Counting In Progress
Firozabad20PROF. S.P. SINGH BAGHELBharatiya Janata PartyAKSHAY YADAVSamajwadi Party798Counting In Progress
Gautam Buddha Nagar13DR.MAHESH SHARMABharatiya Janata PartyNARENDRA BHATISamajwadi Party83732Counting In Progress
Ghaziabad12VIJAY KUMAR SINGHBharatiya Janata PartyRAJ BABBARIndian National Congress213700Counting In Progress
Ghazipur75MANOJ SINHABharatiya Janata PartySMT SHIVKANYA KUSHWAHASamajwadi Party3302Counting In Progress
Ghosi70HARINARAYAN RAJBHARBharatiya Janata PartyDARA SINGH CHAUHANBahujan Samaj Party75699Counting In Progress
Gonda59KIRTI VARDHAN SINGHBharatiya Janata PartyNANDITA SHUKLASamajwadi Party40948Counting In Progress
Gorakhpur64ADITYANATHBharatiya Janata PartyRAJMATI NISHADSamajwadi Party140544Counting In Progress
Hamirpur47KUNWAR PUSHPENDRA SINGH CHANDELBharatiya Janata PartyBISHAMBHAR PRASAD NISHADSamajwadi Party177226Counting In Progress
Hardoi31ANSHUL VERMABharatiya Janata PartyUSHA VERMASamajwadi Party86004Counting In Progress
Hathras16RAJESH KUMAR DIWAKERBharatiya Janata PartyMANOJ KUMAR SONIBahujan Samaj Party113250Counting In Progress
Jalaun45BHANU PRATAP SINGH VERMABharatiya Janata PartyBRIJLAL KHABRIBahujan Samaj Party153870Counting In Progress
Jaunpur73KRISHNA PRATAP 'K.P.'Bharatiya Janata PartySUBHASH PANDEYBahujan Samaj Party56623Counting In Progress
Jhansi46UMA BHARATIBharatiya Janata PartyDR. CHANDRAPAL SINGH YADAVSamajwadi Party64848Counting In Progress
Kairana2HUKUM SINGHBharatiya Janata PartyNAHID HASANSamajwadi Party145713Counting In Progress
Kaiserganj57BRIJ BHUSAN SHARAN SINGHBharatiya Janata PartyVINOD KUMAR ALIAS PANDIT SINGHSamajwadi Party24940Counting In Progress
Kannauj42DIMPLE YADAVSamajwadi PartySUBRAT PATHAKBharatiya Janata Party8470Counting In Progress
Kanpur43DR.MURLI MANOHAR JOSHIBharatiya Janata PartySRIPRAKASH JAISWALIndian National Congress87803Counting In Progress
Kaushambi50VINOD KUMAR SONKARBharatiya Janata PartySURESH PASIBahujan Samaj Party72578Counting In Progress
Kheri28AJAY KUMARBharatiya Janata PartyARVIND GIRIBahujan Samaj Party59960Counting In Progress
Kushi Nagar65RAJESH PANDEY URF GUDDUBharatiya Janata PartyKUNWAR RATANJIT PRATAP NARAIN SINGHIndian National Congress34014Counting In Progress
Lalganj68NEELAM SONKARBharatiya Janata PartyBECHAI SAROJSamajwadi Party38458Counting In Progress
Lucknow35RAJ NATH SINGHBharatiya Janata PartyPROF. RITA BAHUGUNA JOSHIIndian National Congress56081Counting In Progress
Machhlishahr74RAM CHARITRA NISHADBharatiya Janata PartyBHOLANATH ALIAS B.P. SAROJBahujan Samaj Party74029Counting In Progress
Maharajganj63PANKAJBharatiya Janata PartyKASHI NATH SHUKLABahujan Samaj Party71632Counting In Progress
Mainpuri21MULAYAM SINGH YADAVSamajwadi PartySHATRUGHAN SINGH CHAUHANBharatiya Janata Party260185Counting In Progress
Mathura17HEMA MALINIBharatiya Janata PartyJAYANT CHAUDHARYRashtriya Lok Dal164891Counting In Progress
Meerut10RAJENDRA AGARWALBharatiya Janata PartyMOHD.SHAHID AKHLAKBahujan Samaj Party94223Counting In Progress
Mirzapur79ANUPRIYA SINGH PATELApna DalSAMUDRA BINDBahujan Samaj Party121987Counting In Progress
Misrikh32ANJU BALABharatiya Janata PartyASHOK KUMAR RAWATBahujan Samaj Party33422Counting In Progress
Mohanlalganj34KAUSHAL KISHOREBharatiya Janata PartyR.K CHAUDHARYBahujan Samaj Party33789Counting In Progress
Moradabad6KUNWER SARVESH KUMARBharatiya Janata PartyDR S T HASANSamajwadi Party75622Counting In Progress
Muzaffarnagar3(DR.) SANJEEV KUMAR BALYANBharatiya Janata PartyKADIR RANABahujan Samaj Party320263Counting In Progress
Nagina5YASHWANT SINGHBharatiya Janata PartyYASHVIR SINGHSamajwadi Party74804Counting In Progress
Phulpur51KESHAV PRASAD MAURYABharatiya Janata PartyDHARAM RAJ SINGH PATELSamajwadi Party115492Counting In Progress
Pilibhit26MANEKA SANJAY GANDHIBharatiya Janata PartyBUDHSEN VERMASamajwadi Party190789Counting In Progress
Pratapgarh39KUWAR HARIVANSH SINGHApna DalASIF NIZAMUDDIN SIDDIQUEBahujan Samaj Party50476Counting In Progress
Rae Bareli36SONIA GANDHIIndian National CongressAJAY AGRAWALBharatiya Janata Party263072Counting In Progress
Rampur7NASEER AHMAD KHANSamajwadi PartyDR. NEPAL SINGHBharatiya Janata Party24829Counting In Progress
Robertsganj80CHHOTELALBharatiya Janata PartySHARADA PRASADBahujan Samaj Party71425Counting In Progress
Saharanpur1IMRAN MASOODIndian National CongressRAGHAV LAKHANPALBharatiya Janata Party8958Counting In Progress
Salempur71RAVINDRA KUSHAWAHABharatiya Janata PartyHARIBANSH SAHAI KUSHWAHASamajwadi Party101151Counting In Progress
Sambhal8SATYAPAL SINGHBharatiya Janata PartyDR SHAFIQ- UR RAHMAN BARQSamajwadi Party40121Counting In Progress
Sant Kabir Nagar62SHARAD TRIPATHIBharatiya Janata PartyBHAL CHANDRA YADAVSamajwadi Party20347Counting In Progress
Shahjahanpur27KRISHNA RAJBharatiya Janata PartyUMED SINGH KASHYAPBahujan Samaj Party206931Counting In Progress
Shrawasti58DADDAN MISHRABharatiya Janata PartyATIQ AHMADSamajwadi Party47398Counting In Progress
Sitapur30RAJESH VERMABharatiya Janata PartyKAISER JAHANBahujan Samaj Party41814Counting In Progress
Sultanpur38FEROZE VARUN GANDHIBharatiya Janata PartyPAWAN PANDEYBahujan Samaj Party102854Counting In Progress
Unnao33SWAMI SACHCHIDANAND HARI SAKSHIBharatiya Janata PartyARUN SHANKAR SHUKLASamajwadi Party224950Counting In Progress
Varanasi77NARENDRA MODIBharatiya Janata PartyARVIND KEJRIWALAam Aadmi Party163750Counting In Progress
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