BSNL 3G plans or BSNL 3g data card plans can be seen by putting below USSD codes in your Smartphone. Because many times seen we have non internet data pack so we can’t go to the official site to check how to activate or recharge online or through to retailers. So here we are updating a lot of codes for your reference. These codes will help you how to take decent and affordable plans for you BSNL network. 
Long times we have not used our Number and we forgot our mobile number than how to finds it? These are some common questions USSD codes work as a good manners. USSD Codes stands for Unstructured Supplementary Service Data.
bsnl codes of ussd

Dial 164 and call or *8888# - to know your Mobile Number

Dial *123#:- Balance and validity details

Dial *124*4#:- GPRS data balance check (Karnataka, A.P, Kerala...)

Dial *123*1#:- SMS local

Dial *123*2#:- National SMS

Dial *123*5#:- Network call

Dial *123*6#:- local network call

Know Your BSNL Night Pack of GPRS

Dial *123*8#:- Night GPRS pack

Dial *123*9#:- video call BAL
Dial *222# to Know your Mobile Number
Customer Care Number of BSNL 1503 

Dial 9400024365:- Customer care

BSNL Toll Free numbers Call any Number Without any Cost- 1800 180 1503

Bsnl 3g plans 

Data STV in Rs.(Inclusive service Tax)Total bundled free UsageValidity of freebies (in days)Data Charges
after freebies***
Data Charges in Rs./MB***
(For APN 'bsnlstream)
1790 MB22p/10KB0.25
39200 MB72p/10KB0.25
78450 MB142p/10KB0.25
98650 MB192p/10KB0.25
1391 GB202p/10KB0.25
1551 GB282p/10KB0.25
1761 GB302p/10KB0.25
2512 GB302p/10KB0.25
5615 GB30(*60)2p/10KB0.25
8217 GB60(*90)2p/10KB0.25
101110 GB30(*90)2p/10KB0.25
194920 GB60(*90)2p/10KB0.25

Some time before BSNL giving their best services in 3G network with very cheap prices rate so enjoy with it.
BSNL Dataone Broadband '1800-424-1600'
Landline Call Center '1500' (From BSNL landline)

For suggestions and Complaints Mail of BSNL

BSNL Official Site: - WWW.BSNL.CO.IN

How to Activate BSNL 3G Services 

Dial M3G to 53733:- To activate 3G

How to Check BSNL Main Balance and GPRS Internet Balance

Dial *123*6#:- GPRS data Plan (UP West) 

You can also try from *123*1# - *123*10#

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