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Google has recreated landmarks such as the Houses of Parliament and Wembley stadium in 3D using 45-degree aerial imagery. However, the home of the Government, national stadium and the Royal Family is actually the fifth city in the UK to be represented in 3D after Birmingham, Leeds, Reading and Stoke-on-Trent!
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The world can explore London from the comfort of their homes, as Google Maps launched 3D mapping of the capital. Other famous landmarks such as the Shard and Tower Bridge can be seen in stunning detail, with browsers able to pan around the iconic buildings for a complete view. London's famous sky line is visible in its full glory but the site also shows how the spires, skyscrapers and the Gherkin sit alongside homes. Google Maps said: "Using 45-degree aerial imagery, we're able to recreate entire metropolitan areas in 3D. "This means every building, not just the famous landmarks, the terrain, and any surrounding landscape of trees are included to provide a much more accurate and realistic experience of the city. "As you zoom in the buildings and terrain will start to appear in 3D.

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