physical challanged cricket cup
The first ever Asia Handicap Cricket Cup which was scheduled to take place in Pakistan from 24th to 29th August has been postponed. This was revealed by Ravi Chauhan, Secretary General, and Physically Challenged Cricket Association of India (PCCAI).
Speaking exclusively over his mobile from Delhi on Tuesday morning, he said, “Owing to the current political scenario in Pakistan, the tournament has been postponed.” “We have received a note from the Secretary General (Waqar Ahmed Khan) of the similar association in Pakistan stating their inability to host the matches in current unstable situation in Pakistan. Obviously we are sad with the development.”

The Physically Challenged Cricket Association was founded by Ravi Chauhan, a handicapped cricket-enthusiast. He has played the handicap cricket at the national level. “We are the first Indian handicap cricket association which plays and follows ICC cricket rules using leather ball. Very recently our team visited South Africa and played six T20 matches. It was a memorable trip. Indian Ambassador invited our team to Indian Embassy and even hosted a gala lunch,” he added.

The association is seeking BCCI help for more recognition. “Other countries like England, Pakistan, and South Africa have their handicapped associations recognised by their national boards and therefore we need to be approved by the Indian cricket board,” he added.

Ravi Chauhan is scheduled to meet BCCI’s acting president Shivlal Yadav in Mumbai on August 22, it is learnt here. “We need recognition. The financial help is not the criteria of our meeting. We recently expressed out wish to play against England’s handicapped team, but ECB want us to take BCCI’s approval first.”

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