Index means that on your posts or sites are searchable and traceable by Search Engines that one is called Index. Now Google has announced they’ve added “more precise” data for the Index Status reports in Google Webmaster Tools. Specifically, Google is now reporting each indexed URLs for each protocol and robots. You can also get this data by submitting XML Sitemaps but you’ll only see complete indexing numbers if you’re Sitemaps are comprehensive.
If you've just started a web site or you're wondering where your blog's at in the search engine department, run the URL through the Google Site Status Wizard.

Find out if the sites in Google’s index and when it was last updated, as well as potential indexing problems. Here we are providing to you can check your pages posts indexed or not you can put your full URL and then find out on Google. 
Check your URL online Google Indexed with your all Details of posts status of your posts page ranks etc on Google.
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