Trace vehicle location, RTO information and other relevant tracker details, which help you to narrow down your search for Owner name, address and other vehicle details. We have provided vehicle tracker / trace service to find basic information about an Indian registered motor vehicle like Bus, Truck, Car, Auto, bike, LCV all info about All regional Transport Offices contacts. You can trace by first two digits are showing the State Code Like if the Vehicle Number Start from MH, it mean Its symbol of Maharashtra State.
trace vehicle number

You may easily find the solutions in our site for following questions about vehicle tracking with RTO information or registration details. How do i trace / find the Vehicle Owner / RTO information for any state? How to locate the Vehicle Owner? , How to launch complaint about the vehicle owner for rash driving? Where i can get the name, address, area, city of the vehicle owner or company. By getting the RTO information, you can collect the Year of manufacturing, engine, chassis number, vehicle type, Condition, Insurance online, trace online vehicle any state In India any area.

       State                                                  Initials Symbol of RTO
Andaman & Nicobar Islands                             AN
Andhra Pradesh                                                 AP
Arunachal Pradesh                                            AR
Assam                                                               AS
Bihar                                                                 BR
Chandigarh                                                       CH
Chhattisgarh                                                     CG
Daman and Diu                                                DD
Delhi                                                                DL
Goa                                                                  GA
Gujarat                                                             GJ
Haryana                                                           HR
Himachal Pradesh                                           HP
Jammu & Kashmir                                          JK
Jharkhand                                                        JH
Karnataka                                                       KA
Kerala                                                             KL
Lakshadweep                                                  LD
Madhya Pradesh                                             MP
Maharashtra                                                   MH
Manipur                                                         MN
Meghalaya                                                     ML
Mizoram                                                        MZ
Nagaland                                                       NL
Orissa                                                            OR
Puducherry                                                    PY
Punjab                                                            PB
Rajasthan                                                       RJ
Sikkim                                                           SK
Tamil Nadu                                                   TN
Uttar Pradesh                                                UP
Uttarakhand                                                  UK
West Bengal                                                 WB

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