Gurgaon: India’s largest passenger vehicle maker Company Maruti Suzuki is has given a festival offer. Two popular company cars Swift and Swift Dzire special edition is coming forward with a tremendous discount.

Maruti Swift’s Limited Edition is being launched with the new name “Swift Silver plus”. The interior features supports as a neck pillow, back cushion, premium fabric seats, steering cover, Sony stereo and speaker system, mobile holder/charger is also present.

Whereas exterior features are reverse parking censor has been allotted. All the accessories market is said would cost for Rs 31745, but Maruti is offering for Rs. 27,500 with the discount of Rs. 4245.
Maruti Swift Dzire’s limited edition has been named as “Swift Dzire Regal” is been launched. It features with special Interior leather seat upholstery, designer floor mating and in addition like Fox Wood many other features are also given. 
Maruti Suzuki new limited editions

As per exterior features, it has reverse parking sensor, new body graphics, Regalia badge decals etc has been featured. Complete accessories kit in the market is said to be reported to Rs 18810, but Maruti is offering for Rs 5010 with the discount of Rs. 13800 is also available.


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