If you are going to online shopping, than beware. Because Many Scam cases are coming who relates to online shopping. If you are buying online genuine watches and got a duplicate Chinese watch. Yes, this case is come to the public domain at Chandigarh.
how to aware and precaustions of online shopping

Chandigarh police through online shopping portals in the name of branded watches Chinese companies in many cases are exposed to cell clocks. By low prices game and brand names are the peoples getting cheated by them fraud persons. Crime Branch today busted a racket in which such businesses online shopping website was implemented. Real images uploaded on the website of the gang were branded watches. It would draw order for the people to buy watches.
Sector -38 Maninder living Grover said in the complaint given to the police on September 24 via online shopping has cheated them. He ordered a Rolex watch through After he gave the order to examine it.

He ordered the Omega watch, but those who were sent to watch the clock was not ordered by them. For this clock had his debit card payments. Omega watch when he said he did not like it's been said that if you take the second watch. He ordered a Rolex watch at this time. Same thing watch was Chinese and duplicate, so he understand about this plan.


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