What is Carat System in Gold and Know about Hallmarkings?

Gold carat system is used for the jewelry accuracy measurement. 24 carat gold is pure gold, it is indicative of 100 percent accuracy.

Focus, into this matter, through to 24 Carat gold jewelry can’t be make by them, so other metals are added it. When someone is called 18 carat gold jewelry, it means six parts are other metals and 18 part is gold. That is 75 percent of 18 carat pure gold jewelry is considered as. 22 carat gold jewelry means that it is 22 parts gold and other metal part of two. In the Carat system 10 carats considered the smallest unit. That means 10 carat gold jewelry or gold is purified in a ten part and part 14 of the second metal.It is in the context carat diamond, it is indicative of the weight.

What is hallmarking where it’s used and what are the Accuracy Measurements Numbers?

Hallmarking is actually a group of five symbols. First you have to concentrate on the Bureau of Indian Standards mark the BIM, the other thing to be given for the number of gold purity. These numbers are quite small and you can use the magnifying glass to see them. 23 carat gold jewelry, you will find written on the 958 number. Similarly, 916 for 22 carat, for 21 carat 875 and 9 carat 375 cisterns to be seen on jewelry. Seeing recognized by BIS Hallmarking center and the third, where the logo is to check the purity of the gold. Fourth, you'll see year of Hallmarking. For the year of 2000 you will see ‘A’ in the English and get a letter B for 2002 and 2008 will be found inscribed J. characters. These characters may be printed or Ladmarking machine. At the end you will see the logo of a shop selling jewelry and BIS also recognized by your jeweler or not.

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