After election and new government at the Centre in the stock market is constantly accelerating. Sensex and Nifty are touching new heights continuously. On the other hand, gold prices in the international market at nine-month low. But the investment in terms of both the gold and the Sensex is the preferred destination. According timely we have changed sentiments as per requirements.
This time both in stock and bullion market is trading around 27,000 levels is important. Both expressions are attracting investors. So where is the best investment. According to finance gold market fundamentals are weak moment. The confidence of FIIs on India's rapid economic recovery. So stock market experts’ are giving advice to currently offer investment in share market. 
why invest in stock market instead of gold

Seven out of 10 experts is currently invested in the Sensex. According to experts, gold is quite weak fundamentals. The strengthening of the U.S. dollar sell-off in gold is profound. The scope of equity markets are much higher, because of the fast pace of economic recovery is much better environment for investors.
Gold problems – Why not invest in Gold
Demand in China due to dwindling strength in the dollar and pressure on gold prices is likely to continue. By the end of the year gold is up to Rs 28,000 per 10 grams. The dollar index is at the highest level in four years, will continue to put pressure on gold prices. The improvement in the American economy seems to be happening, which is why interest rates are likely to increase. The price of gold is likely to fall.

Sensex expectations; - What we can expect from Sensex
Indian economy expected to return much of the track, which led to the Sensex's return potential is considerable. It is expectations are higher returns. To improve the investment climate is good for the economy. So now, Sensex will continue to gain. The short term trend of the stock market does better than gold.

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