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Investor Capital Gains occurs when investor sale asset and got the profit. As per pre Define in Income Tax Law, investor is liable to pay the tax on behalf of capital Assets gains; it may be long term or short term both cases applicable. Holding Period of Capital Asset shows those Classifications.
How to manage capital gains after property sales in India

Investors in a financial year to the capital gains recorded in the books of accounts and pay the applicable tax to income tax department on before the return file submitting.
Liability  of Assessee if have capital gain: You have to pay Capital Gains Tax on Sale of Capital Assets. The tax rate and asset depends on the minimum holding period. If someone got Gains on sale of any asset that is the tax liability.

What is Multiple Sell and sequence of asset sell: Tax liability for the financial year to find out it and add up to all of the transactions. First in first out rule will apply in multiple transactions, which means he has previously purchased assets will be sold first.
What happen if anyone auditing their account and payment?: Purpose of tax audit their accounts from individuals who provide them capital gains tax has to be paid as advance tax. In the remaining cases before filing the income tax returns as self-assessment tax is paid.
Loss sets of: During Capital Gains tax assessment you are beneficiary of Capital losses can be set off. But it is important that the returns to be filled on time. Delay filing of returns will be not eligible for getting advantage of it.
Securities Transaction Tax (STT): In cases where STT is paid, they have very low or zero tax rate. STT is important to keep proof of payment for investor.

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