hp ninth generations servers
HP released the latest ninth generation servers ProLiant Generations, with a faster, more can be elastic expansion features. HP is about to face a reporter asked to split into two companies latest news, namely PC and printer utilities follow a brand name HP, the rest of the business, including server renamed HP Business (HP Enterprise), deputy general manager of server business at the press conference Wang Jiangxi cannot talk, she just said, "We (HP) cannot sell the market share of the first server business."

Step into the server business has 25 years of HP, the mobile Internet, cloud computing, social media and the rise of massive data today launched ProLiant Generation servers, significantly increasing operational capacity and efficiency, improve application performance and provide flexible, scalable conditions, as well as secure and reliable IT service management mechanism to accelerate.
ProLiant Gen9 server with the following innovations:
  • HP's unique PCIe accelerators and HP DDR4 Smart Memory can increase computing capacity.
  • Across servers, storage and network management integration, to create a software-defined enterprise
  • Reliable, secure and innovative embedded management mechanisms, including hybrid cloud environments UEFI and Restful API, in order to more quickly install, monitor and carry out firmware maintenance.
  • Can provide higher performance PCIe accelerator, HP Smart Cache and HP Flex Fabric converter.

Another feature is worth mentioning Italy, ProLiant Gen9 server is equipped with a lithium battery inside, if experiencing power outages, tripped and other conditions, the lithium battery can be used as the power adapter for about one minute of normal operation, so that administrators can grasp Gold 1 minute emergency treatment. Lithium batteries can also be cascaded to expand, additional emergency treatment time.

HP ProLiant Gen9 server architecture across four - blade type, frame type, tower type and horizontal expansion type.

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