business of video games history
Today rising demand of Smartphone and Tablets, digital worlds is growing demand for video and mobile games. Population and more than two-thirds of these games has become admirers. Many of the world famous companies making these games and their turnover have reached billions of rupees. Positive and negative points of these games at a glance..

Increased business- In terms of Business-video games in North America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific and Latin America market business has reached 90,00 million dollars. According to a forecast, by 2017 in the next 3 years will be twice the business of video games.

History of games- Video games starting history was in the year of 1950s. Modifications to these, there are but from time to time. In the 90s where there was a splash of games such as Mario and Contra While Smartphone’s today run round the Temple, Candy Crush and games such as Subway Surfers have become more famous. These games are quite like children as well as adults too.

Avoid Addiction: The flip side is that it's Addiction of video games on mobile, which people leave needed work needed for them. Research has shown that 90 per cent of the American population plays video games. Of these, 15 per cent are Addict it. The victims of Addiction stick to games 10 to 20 hours.

According to a report by Oxford University, about 1 hour a kid is playing video games helps her studies. He looked for a way to solve your problems seem small. These games create a sense of achieving the target in which students have a strong sense of competition. But long time playing games effects negative on the body.
Now we are showing which the world’s top 10 video games are
  1. Grand Theft Auto 5-a street crime based game.
  2. Star Wars - This is Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game.
  3. Grand Theft 4-in the radio station's mission control inside the car is used.
  4. Red dead redemption- on the American frontier in 1911, based on the life of John Hunter game..
  5. Disney infant-in this game have created dozens of dijni and Pixar characters.
  6. Tom rider-in the new generation are used as the character that likes young enough.
  7. All points Bulletin- The Multiplayer online game was developed for Microsoft.
  8. Gran turismo-this is included in the world's most famous racing game.
  9. Senmu- Karctor which these teenagers are a Advancers game.
  10. Crisis Round 3 of the 2047 New York City has been conceived.


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