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Any type of the exam format like, weekly, monthly, semi-annual, annual or board, the students have common on them "stress". There are many such things in the study and preparation, keeping in mind you can save you from being depressed. Today we will discuss about how you can give exam fearless and well result oriented.
Managing Exam stress Anxiety and Panic
First you maintain your positive thinking. You should be sure that you work hard, good preparation and can bring better results. From Spirit of such thinking get a reading confidence. Create a routine in time for this study; the subjects not only days, also divided according hours of study. Create your convenience routine and follow it faithfully. The routine must set the time for revision.

Do not make noise between the studies. A place of study should be away from your entertainment. Yes, after studying to be relaxed, then the TV, radio or the Internet can use. Use the Internet if necessary for study help. Do long-term studies, but take breaks between as per your convenience. Go for it lay with closed eyes, start a walk, listen to music or talk on the phone with a friend, brakes should not be longer than the period. Yes one thing, good sleep is also important. No matter should be studied; to take care of your diet is extremely important. Not feeling well so it will have the opposite effect on your physical and mental abilities.

Prepare according to your ability and provide the fearful exam. If less preparation or question may be wrong then don’t worry about it. Maybe the other candidates have also been some questions wrong. After gave the paper don’t discussion about the paper, instead of this focus on preparing the next paper it’s beneficial. Don’t cares about results and avoid stress about it. Set future framework after the results decelerations.

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