All Internets activates like browsing downloading surfing etc Most popular browsers like Firefox, Mozilla or Internet Explorer but if we have shortcuts keys than you should work very quickly. So here we are sharing shortcut for access deep into the menu to find the features you need to use. You have just type a shortcut key combination available and put your command.
internet explorer chrome and firefox shortcut commands

In addition, there are a number of features not offered from the menu bar or mouse manipulation, but when you press it to take effect.
1. Ctrl + B: Open the list of your favorite browser.
2. Ctrl + E: Move to the search bar of your browser.
3. Ctrl + F: Find intelligence on the website is opened.
4. Ctrl + H: Open web surfing history.
5. Ctrl + I: Open the folder Bookmark manages your favorite sites.
6. Ctrl + L: Show dialog box enter the web address to access.
7. Ctrl + N: Create a new web browser window.
8. Ctrl + R: Refresh the data is displayed from a website.
9. Ctrl + F5: Refresh the web page but delete the old data is in the cache.
10. Ctrl + T: Opens a new tab.
11. Ctrl + W: Off existing card like close the tab.
12. Ctrl + Enter: More Fast string ".com" (like you have type only abc then press Ctrl+Enter then automatically put ABC.Com domain will configure.

13. Ctrl+tab: For Moving the One Tab to Other Tab
14. Ctrl+Page Down Up for Moving One tab to other.
15. WinKey+D: For go to Desktop
16. Ctrl+Shift+Delete key: For Delete of Browser History

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