As you know, the Paypal account is indispensable for everyone to participate in making money online, many people registered as Paypal has abused them - hence the name withdraw money on bank accounts India errors will occur. This article will guide you how to change them - the name correctly, then you can enjoy the freedom to withdraw money from Paypal account to domestic banks that are not exchange traded to the Exchanger Paypal with lower rates. Note that the current rate of withdrawals from bank Paypal is now 1 USD = Rs 60.00. So you get a free opportunity got payment from foreign countries in any currency and withdrawal on your bank. Here we are sharing how to change the name into the PayPal account.

PayPal Name Change or Correction

First Step 1: Log on to the system Paypal online
Step 2: On the 2nd horizontal menu bar, click on Profile. Then, in the new content is displayed, click Change (change) in Item Name to implement changes in their name in the Paypal account. 
How to change name in PayPal

Step 3: In the Name Change window, select Personal Name Change (marriage, divorce, legal) and click Continue to move on to the next step.
Change your Name on PayPal

Step 4: To handle change requests your name, Paypal should we give it one of the following documents:
  • ID front (Photo ID)
  • Invoices electricity, water, telephone (Proof of Name)
  • VISA card Passport front (Other)

Please Note:
  • Submit File File photo or scan.
  • Information must be clear and easy to read.
  • To provide more complete information, the possibility of higher renamed.
  • If you upload your electric bill, water, phone ... we have to import more in the Description section is Bill with my Father / Mother name
To upload photos, click Attack File. After uploading complete, press the Send Files to send a request to change the name to your Paypal account.

Step 5: In this step, Paypal will inform us of the information has been sent to request additional change your account name. Press Continue to complete and waiting for a response from Paypal.

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What Is Real Cryptocurrency
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