A large number or queries are putting for Word to PDF or Excel to PDF Convert files. Not only this is limited else some sites are specially working for word to file converting but these sites are not safe because its security and privacy policy that can be harmful for you file status or designations or secrete files. So here we are providing the genuine simple way or you can say trick how to convert your word excel PowerPoint or other office into PDF format. You know PDF format is pretty much the user preferred by the ability to use high security, not for other users to edit files. This article will guide you how to converting Word to PDF in Office 2007, 2010 or 2013 very fast even a second.
PDFs are becoming very popular with the advantages of it. PDF files can be opened on any computer, any operating system as long as it has PDF viewing software installed; and the sender does not concern the problem of faulty font or data security in the PDF file because it is very difficult for editing.

MS Excel Word to PDF Converter Office 2010, 2013

Step 1: First you need to install the little software or Plug-in or adds in for Ms Office to Microsoft official site its 100% free so don’t worry about it. Below we are also sharing link for this.

Step 2: After Installing this Adds In go to the Choose Save As → Computer → Browse

Free Online PDF Converter, Batch Convert to PDF
Step 3: Display the Save As window. You choose where to save the PDF file → select Save as type is PDF → Save.
 Excel to PDF converter free online offline

After the process is complete, save happening PDF file will automatically open up. Thus from the original Word file, you have to create another PDF file from the Word that as desired. Also you can consult the way to convert PDF to Word easiest if you want to reverse conversion from PDF files to Word documents for easy editing.

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