Installation Guide for Google Analytics in wordpress
This is no exception Google Analytics is the best web statistics tool for Wordpress,. So Analytics plugin is integrated into the depths of your Wordpress. Let's read offline about Google Analytics.
To find the best Plugin for WordPress statistics, you can visit and use the keyword Plugin Analytics: there are many options for you. In wordpress you have as many options as we left wondering. So today let us share their thoughts on the statistical data of WordPress.
Why Google Analytics is the best choice in statistics: Because Google Analytics is free. And there are too many features for you to unleash analyze and understand your statistics. You can easily register one account here

After registration you one Analytics account is easy to integrate into your website. Especially easy for WordPress statistcs growing or site visitor’s reports and map show to you.
But every time you want to view your statistics will be in Google Analytics, login, select the account, and then time statistics. This will be particularly difficult if you own multiple websites. So Google Analytics integration is essential to everything simpler.
Google Analytics Dashboard for WP is full

Any other plugin, when you want to watch a demo, or features in WordPress you can go to the Screenshots to research before deciding whether or not to install Plugin. All the features of Google Analytics Dashboard for WP you can refer

Click on the download and installation. The installation procedure is easy to use. You absolutely can install right in the admin section of WordPress.

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With any difficulties during installation, you ask the question below or refer to the author's website here:
Some considerations when installing the plugin

With these you have installed the Analytics code and, in the Tracking Code please disable it went offline. Next in Backend Settings you need to turn the feature on the statistics, so you can see the statistics. As shown below.

What is special or Frontend Settings feature you can view statistics as soon as the end of each article. You turn on the 2 options for that feature on. Then visit each article you will see something like the image below.

You can see the number of hits number of views and keywords that visitors from search engines to your website. Everything is very full. Please note that keyword access to your article in the most recent 2 days was not statistically offline. The reason you see in this post
Who can view this data?: Google Analytics Dashboard for WP give you many options to allow everyone can see these data. With its personal, I think just for the author (with many web authors) and senior administrators can view this data. This ensures the privacy of the article.


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