Today we will discuss about Types of Domain Extensions and how to choose a better domain Extensions?
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Long time we spend time for domain searching but the question is .com domain or .in which is best. Extensions of domain names, including .com or .net If you want to start a website it is always difficult to choose a domain name. First thing I want to clear .in domain indicates India and .com domain mean worldwide. Should you have a .com or .net domain name register?

Often the domain name you want already occupied, or you no good domain imagine. And when you've finally found a good domain name, you must again choose a .com or .net domain name want.
You don’t know what extension (.com and .biz are called extensions) to choose? In this article I will explain better or you can purchase a .com or .net domain, and the reasons behind it.
When registering a .com domain? Are you going to set up a website that really only for Indian people intended? Then you need to register dot in domain.
It is for the visitor clear that you are an Indian company, and that your focus is also on the India. Additionally, like google have also a local domain like so it’s better to find in India. When people search on Indian terms, then Indian sites often appear at the top of the search results.
When registering dot com domain? However, if you create a website that is very focused internationally? Beginning contains the text on your website in different languages (eg English, French and Dutch)? It is wise to register dot com domain.

This is very clear to the visitor. The visitor knows that a website is directed internationally. In addition, people from different countries will be able to find your website in search engines.
Both dot in and register dot com?: You can also take the both domain likes or So you are sure that no one else with your business name to get started.

It is always advisable to actively use only one domain name. If, for example, the .com domain will really use, leave the dot in domain by referring to the .com domain name. Many times people accidentally go domain name into their browser, they are automatically redirected.

Hopefully you have with this article can choose whether you need to register .com or .biz. Again; both extensions register can also just. It's actually very simple: if you want Indian website, you should use the .in extension. The website is in English, and want many people reach abroad, then you should use the .com extension. Do well in your mind the target audience of your website.


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