As you know SEO is the backbone of a site. SEO is called in the short form of Search Engine Optimization. Many websites developers know key of the SEO and importunacy of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
Every year Google and all search engines carry out a number of changes in every year. Here we get a good idea and first of all we are sharing Google coming year changes for SEO (Google SEO TIPS 2015).

google upcoming searc terms and policyContents SEO tips 2015:

  • Offers quality on your website
  • Make your website a "Wikipedia for your target audience
  • Build your online identity
  • Pull your content wider
  • Provide interaction
The content on your website should also come from a good page ranking; you want to score high in Google. When writing content make sure that the content is really high quality, and that visitors really helped them. It is also important that you divide the content well and that it is fine for the visitor to read this. Always keep in mind that you write for your visitors and not for Google.
When visitors appreciate your content and thus are helped by Google knows this and will reward your site for this whatsoever. Make your website a "Wikipedia for your target audience
Try your website is as comprehensive as possible and as much as possible to link to each other. This will make if it were a complete Wikipedia for the topic of your website and you make sure that your website become the online authority for this.

You can do this by as many topics to be discussed within your field, and terminology to link to each other. Knowledge is the key of Internet Success with Knowledge-base you will be hero. Also making an online knowledge-base is super valuable and enhances your position in Google.
Build your online identity: Nowadays it is not only important to have a good website, also the writer of the website have good faith on the Google search results. It is not for nothing that Google 'Author Rank' and Google Plus have created. The Author Rank because it gives a certain score to the author.
It is therefore important to build your 'online identity Google. By being active on Google Plus and much (relevant) content sharing on and interacting, you'll build a good Author Rank.
Pull your content wider: The Internet provides plenty of opportunities to create and share content. So you cannot just put written content on your site, but you can also draw wider; something that Google encourages enormous. For example, think to your written content to attract wider picture, and make a relevant video which certain things - from the written content - arises.
By putting this video on YouTube and your article sites, offers you some extra value.
In addition, the video will also be in YouTube and the Google organic results are retrievable, and will your YouTube channel gain more viewers and subscribers. This is your online identity so is getting larger! Remember, though not for you to optimize images for Google. It is increasingly important to engage your audience with your content. This feels your audience not only to your attracted - and also learns to know you better - it also provides additional (relevant) content.
If we want to summarizes it than Content is the King but Putting keywords are also a blood vain of SEO.


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