what is Money Market: Best Money Market Funds and how to BuyShare means a part, here this part is indicating to Company share. If talking in the language of stock market than shares is the part of company ownership. In here a question is ongoing on your mind why the shares are issued what are the benefits of share buyers. Basically new or past running companies have needs the financial money. So collection of wealth these companies issued the shares to grow their business etc. So whenever a share holder buys their share than share holder will be owner of that company but it’s based on their percentage of share hold by them.

What is Stock Market

Basically abbreviations of Stock market is "Where are many companies are listed and doing trade that one is called Share Market" trade means shares buying and selling. In Indian national have two major Stock Markets NSE and BSE. NSE Stands National Stock Exchange and BSE Bombay Stock Exchange. All Stock Exchanges boss is SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India).


Here we are not going into deep so here we are sharing how to invest in share market in India. By reading these share market tips they can take better advantage and maximize their profits. Because everyone knowing Making and losing money in the stock market is very easy. But if you have patience and understand the basics of share markets then you will aware about it avoid to loss. Because all market has same sentiments the market should be nse indis, nse, bse India. Share market language will be in hindi, because hindi is comfortable to all Indian. Share market is that bazzar where you earn but if you do trade with planning and research like a cricket. In here you can easily free learn how to invest money in stock market and what kinds of precautions steps to be taken before investing,
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