By comparison of WordPress vs. Blogger will help you choose better platform between Blogger and WordPress when starting your site. It is Definitely WordPress, But WordPress compare with Blogger, Then which is Make out? Technically two platforms are many difference, what are your needs that based on a choosing right blogging platform. WordPress have Thousands of Themes and Plugins, It have better Author friendly interface and Advanced dashboard, example You can add a keyword density plugin in your WordPress dashboard. But Blogger have many different features their give unlimited bandwidth free hosting and solid protection in our files. So we can select which one likely our habits.

Basic Features of WordPress and Blogger

WordPress or BlogSpot : Which is Better?WordPress is support front-end web developing and premium hosting but security is not solid for beginners, WordPress have many plugins for protect your blog, so blogger have solid free hosing and unlimited bandwidth, blogger support only static web languages (not support server side coding).

Blogger would be Better for Part time writers and beginners

Blogger was one of the first blogging platforms available, hitting the web way back in the dim, distant past – otherwise known as 1999. In 2003 it was bought by Google and underwent a number of transformations. Blogger is free service but it have premium like features, It support a custom domain name and Free hosting (Unlimited static files, images, Solid protection).

Blogger disadvantages

  • Not support premium hosting.
  • Not SEO friendly.
  • Not support plugins.
  • Blogger have only basic options for writing.
  • Help forums are not particularly well organised, so you may have to do some digging to find the answers you want.
  • Blogger is designed for people with less technical experience, and so it offers fewer customization features.

WordPress is unlimited playground for developers and professional bloggers

The current WordPress platform is based on the open source server-based blogging software that was first released in 2003. WordPress have Great community support for making better professional blogs. Thousand of premium themes and premium plugins for help rapid growth of your blog. Php support Front end web development and Server Side coding.

WordPress disadvantages

  • Not have a free hosting plans.
  • Not solid files (self care hackers and viruses).
  • Make custom themes are very hard to beginners.
  • isn’t compatible with JavaScript for security reasons, which means you can’t embed Rafflecopter widgets on your blog.
  • You can’t advertise on unless you pay to host your own site.

Final Word

Choose your own way, free or premium? This two blogging platforms are much better comparing with other Blogging platforms. What are your experiences with Blogger and WordPress? Which platform would you choose. Thanks for read this post on NVRT Hub.


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