Getting the Google Adsense approval is a difficult task today. All we know that Google is a Giant in online advertising industry. Lots of Blogger or website owner they are fail to get approved because they are not following Privacy & Terms. The bloggers who are from Canada, USA and Europe getting approve quickly. But in India(Asia) you will facing some problems like Content, copyright issue etc. You know How To Get Google Adsense approval then read this article.


Content is the most important part of the website or blog. Because they will judge on the basis of content only. It checks whether the content is relevant or not and article length must be minimum of 300 words. The thing you need to remember is, content is the king and try to write great and unique content. Don’t ever try to write about hacking & cracking. The minimum number of posts for getting the approval will be 50 Posts.

How to get Google AdSense Approval for Blog - WebsiteCopyright

Make sure that don’t ever try to publish copyrighted Contents on your blog or website. Otherwise your website or blog will be against to Google Privacy & Terms. So it’s better to remove Copyrighted content. Even if you apply with copyright content also, they will disapprove and gives the simple reason “Copyright material” follow Privacy & Terms.

Site Design

Design your Site with clear navigation User friendly interface. Because it is also a part in getting the trick to get approved. Use perfect template for your website and customize it properly. It will increase the user experience.

Top level Domain

It plays a vital role for getting  approved. Top level domains like .net, .com, .org etc. Are having 40% chance of getting approval. Sub-domain may get rejected some time in my experience. I got only approval for top level domain only.


Source of traffic is the another most important factor. If there is no traffic then no adsense. Visitors are most essential, with the help of visitors we are going to generate traffic. Your site must have at-least 300 to 500 visitors per day from search engine. To drive tons of traffic, SEO is essential. With the help of SEO title tag optimization and writing SEO friendly article may help your site achieve your target. Use social media network to engage visitors and make them revisit your site.

Website/Blog Age

To ensure the quality contents and keeping in mind the interest of Google Advertisers, Google Adsense has specified that the Indian and Chinese Adsense Publishers required to have owned their sites for at least 6 months. Accordingly, except India and China, there is no any minimum age obligation for either blogger blog or website to participate in Google Adsense Program.

Final Word

So friends, fill free to ask any questions regarding Google Adsense Approval. I hope you Approved your Google Adsense Account today. Thanks to read this post only on NVRT Hub.


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