Here we will discuss about the remove unwanted privacy post URL from Google webmaster or SEO.  Before doing anything you should take simple necessary action in Google webmasters.
If you want to delete an entry in the blog it is not to be a problem. However the problem will appear if your entries are in the search engine is not lost.
If there's someone search your entries and stumbled in search engines unfortunately in the blog entries were deleted. It will result in error 404. Is it probably not good for SEO? So to prevent this problem from recurring direct you delete the entries in search engine as well.
How to Delete an Entry from a Search Engine
    How to Quickly Remove Pages from Google's Index
  1. Before you delete your entries on the blog. Copy the url first. Paste it in notepad to.
  2. After you copy the url then only delete your entries on the blog.
  3. Open this address
  4. Then select the blog that you want to delete the entry.
  5. Click the Google Index > Remove URLs > Create a new removal request.
  6. Enter the url of the entry has been deleted. Click Continue and then click Submit Request.
Why This Is Important
In literally, robotic crawler always spiked entries indexed by the search engines. Therefore, we need to tell Google to stop crawl our entries that have been removed by using the methods above.
Typically google will delete entries within 90 minutes.


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