Every blogger wants certainly very high ranking blog, so many advertisers are willing to install a banner products. So on this occasion I will share some tips that I use to increase google page rank. To increase page rank backlink we should be looking at the most. Here are 6 tips that you can take to collect to increase page rank backlink blog.

Write a good article and useful

Every visitor coming to your blog is to read the article you. If your article is good and beneficial for them. They will bookmark your blog or menage link. Thus you will get a backlink from them. Therefore, write a good article and useful for your visitors.
How to Improve Your Search Engine Ranking on Google

Expand the number of pages on your blog

Page Rank is not only influenced by the index pages, but also influenced by the number of pages in the blog. Each additional article on your blog will add inbound links (incoming links) to your blog. Therefore, aktifklah in to post an article. But do not want to post articles because then you many copy article many others. Because, aside debauched blogger, article or duplicate content copy also hated and would not crawl by search engines. So make original article with your own words. Besides not violate ethical blogger. This method also can increase your blog’s position in search engine pages.

Maintain mutually relevant articles

It is very similar to the 2nd point that is intended to increase inbound links to your blog. If you look at some of my articles. You will see there are links pointing to my old article. That is meant to provide a backlink to your blog.

Link exchange

This is the most frequent and most widely performed by bloggers to increase ranking page. That is most easily done because I link You, You Link Me . Although this method is very simple but wasting time because we have to constantly monitor our blog link exchange requests. If your blog is new then this is a great way to get backlinks.

Comments on DoFollow blog

On the Internet there are a great many who already subscribe to the blog DoFollow . Does DoFollow blog is a blog that already remove attribute “nofollow” from for many comment. So every time you leave a comment on the blog. You’ll get a backlink to your requirements should be commented using the name and address of the blog is not a profile blogger. To find out whatever blog system had embraced DoFollow.

Register your blog to blog directories

Another way to get backlinks is to register your blog to blog directories. In addition to be able to get a backlink. This way, we can increase blog traffic. Examples of blog directories such as MyBlogLog, blogcatalog, etc.

Final Word

Last so quick tips to increase Google Page Rank, if your friends do not visit the blog feel up rank, try the above tips. Thanks to read this post on we thinks you will be.


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