Google AdSense is known as one of the best PPC network to earn money online by displaying their ads on our website or blogger. It is also most famous for bloggers and this is the main source of many bloggers to monetize their blogs. When the newbies get started with AdSense, They don't know much how to use that effectively and they put ads on wrong places by which they're loosing their revenue. If you're also beginner in AdSense and don't know what are the best places for AdSense where you may place ads and increase your earning then don't miss is newbies guide. In this post, we're going learn about best places for ads to increase earning.
Best Places For Ads To Increase Earning

1. Header [468x60 / 728x90]

The first place for AdSense Ad is in header. It is known as golden place because it will help us to make 50% of total earnings from this ad slot. The reason, the header of our blog is seen by everyone without scrolling down and visitors will also see the ad there. In the header, we can get high impressions and ad clicks because that is the most attractive place in the whole blog. The recommended ad sizes for headers are 468x60 and 728x90. Place any one of these size's banner here which should be suitable with your blog. As a demo, currently you can see the 728x90 ad banner in our header which will also help you to increase earnings. Also choose the text or display ad widely which will be depending on the background of your header.

2. Below Post Title [300x250 / 336x280]

After Header, we've another most used place of pro bloggers to display the second ad on our blog. So, this place is below the post title. This ad should only appear inside the post otherwise in the homepage, it will be looking ugly. If you check other blogs having AdSense Ads with high earning then you will notice this thing that there is always any kind of Ad below the post title in their blogs. As in the header place, here we also get high impressions and ad clicks because that ad will be near to the content and visitor comes to your blog for the content. So, it increases the chances of getting more clicks and increasing revenue. The ad size for this place depends on the theme or design of your blog but the recommended sizes are 300x250 and 336x280.

3. Between Content or Posts [468x60 / 300x250]

Adding the AdSense Ads between the content or posts of your blog is also most popular now as most of the pro bloggers are using this place. This place is also best for ads as visitors will surely see that because that will be shown between the content and your visitors needs content. Here we can also get good number of ad clicks as it will be seen by every reader. The recommended sizes for this are 468x60 and 300x250 but you should choose that size which should be appropriate with the location and theme. If you're providing text content then I recommend you to use Text type widget there that will help you to get more clicks. There is a plugin for WordPress which you can use to show ads between content but for Blogger, we've technical code by which can do that and it will shared here soon.

4. Sidebar [300x250 / 300x600]

Google AdSense allow us to place only three ads in a current page if you add more then they won't display there but if you've premium Adsense publisher account then we can display at least four ads in a single page and above three places are perfect if you're normal publisher. If you're a premium publisher and want to show four ads in your blog then Sidebar is perfect place for the fourth ad unit. There recommended sizes are 300x250 and 300x600 which will help you to gain more clicks. This one is also perfect for high impressions, views and clicks as well.

Final word

These were some best areas and advanced guide by which you can improve your AdSense earning by displaying ads on proper places. I hope this guide is going to be helpful for you. Now its your turn please comment us Best Places For Adsense Ads To Increase Earning.


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