Every blogger wants to increase their adsense earnings as there are many ways to boost up adsense earnings. Displaying ads on proper places, increasing traffic, targeting USA traffic, targeting high CPC keywords are well known methods to increase adsense earnings but today, I'm going to share a unique idea by which you can boost up adsense earnings. Most of bloggers, who are using "Blogger" as their blogging platform are loosing mobile traffic for monetization. Mobile generation is being spreading rapidly as people in high paying adsense countries like USA, Canada are using Mobile and other small devices like Tablet, IPad to surf the internet. In blogger, We don't get much access to customize mobile template but just yesterday, Google custom search engine for blogger. As I told you that USA and Canada people are leaving Computer and are getting small devices like Mobile and Tablet to surf internet so we should also optimize our site for these devices. If we display adsense ads in mobile version of blogger blogs then there is chance to get increase in adsense earnings. Before we get started into the tutorial, First of all, let me show you a demo that how ads are actually being shown in mobile version of blogger blogs.

Display Ads in Mobile Version of Blogger Blogs

Displaying ads in mobile version of blogger blogs will definitely help us to increase our earnings as we'll not loose mobile traffic for monetization. In the mobile version template of blogger blogs, only two ads will appear. First one will be above the blog title which is best place because there chances are higher to get high impressions, pageviews and clicks and it is horizantal ad unit with responive size. Second ad appears in the bottom of the whole blog which is square ad and it also has responsiveness which will be fitted in every screen device.

How to Display Google Ads on your blogger

There is nothing any big tutorial to show adsense ads in mobile version of blogger blogs but I want to say the whole tutorial in a single sentence then it will be like this. Google AdSense ads can be appeared in mobile version of blogger blogs by enabling adsense from "Earnings" page and it will automatically start showing up. If you're enough smart then you can understand the whole tutorial easily from the above sentence if no then here is step by step tutorial to do that.
  • Go To Blogger > Login > Dashboard > Earnings
  • Setup Your AdSense Account There. [You can sign up for new account if you don't have, If you already have adsense account then click "Sign Up" and login with your adsense account. If adsense account is disabled on that blog then click "Switch AdSense" and setup your account by providing some information.]
  • After Setting Up AdSense Account There, Tick Mark "Yes" on "Show Ads on Blog".
    Earnings tab from the drop-down menu
  • In "Display" option, Choose Any Place To Where The AdSense Will Be Showed.
  • And Finally Click "Save Settings".
  • That's It.
Once you've done all the steps properly, then ads will start shown up within seconds. Most of bloggers, used to insert ad code in blogger to show adsense ads in blogs due to getting the default blogger account getting disabled but you show ads in blogger through it's own settings then it will show ads in mobile version of blogger blogs.


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