For long, Reasoning is considered as the most puzzling section of the majority of the competitive exams. Thus candidates need to master this area through regular practice. Here are some questions for sharpening your reasoning ability... 
1. In a code, If ′A′ is written as ′z′. ′B′ is written as ′Y′ and ′C′ is written as ′X′ then DEF will be written as-
(a) WVU      (b) RST
(c) SRQ       (d) ONM
(e) RSQ
Answer: (a) WVU
As, A->Z,     B->Y    C->X
Pairs of opposite letters therefore, 
 D->W         E->V      F->U
2. In certain code , ′256′ means ′you are good′, ′637′ means ′we are bad′ and ′358′ means ′good and bad′. Which of the following represents ′and′ in that code?
(a) 2                                 (b) 5
(c) 6                                 (d) 3
(e) 8
Answer: (e) 8
The common code digit in the first and third statement is 5 and common word is ′good′.
3. How many letters are there in the word CREATIVE which have as many letters between them in the word as in the alphabet ?
(a) One                           (b) Two
(c) Three                         (d) Foure
(e) More than four
Answer: (c) Three
Letters in the word are CRE, ATIVE, TIV in the alphabet these are CDE, ABCDE, TUV.
4. w_xw_x_ax_a_wa
(a) axawxa                     (b) aawaxx
(c) aawwxx                   (d) waawxx
(e) None of these
Answer:(c) aawwxx
5. Three of the following four are alike in a certain way and so from a group. which one dose not belong to that group?
(a) Ears                           (b) Hands
(c) Fingers                       (d) Eyes
(e) Legs
Answer:(c) Fingers
Except fingers, all other parts of body are in pairs.
6. If ′+′ means ′–′, ′–′ means ′×′, ′×′ means′  ′ and ′ ′ means ′+′, than what is the value of 56×7
13–11+15 ?
(a) 148                                  (b) 152
(c) 155                                   (d) 206
(e) 136
Answer:(e) 136
The given expression is-
56×75%13–11+15          =56%7+13×11–15
                                         = (8+143–15) = 136
7. How many independent words can the word ′ENDANGER′ be divided into without changing the letters of the word and using each letter only once?
(a) None                        (b) One
(c) Four                       (d) Three
(e) Two
Answer:(e) Two
Required number of independent words are two, i.e. (i) END, (ii) ANGER.
8. If GO = 32, SHE = 49, then SOME will be equal to-
(a) 56                                       (b) 58
(c) 62                                       (d) 64
(e) 52
Answer:(a) 56
In The given code, Z=1, Y=2, X= 3,...................C=24, B = 25, A= 26. So
Go = 20+12 = 32
SHE = 8+19+22 =49.
SOME = 8+12+14+22 = 56
9. ′Building′ is related to ′room′ in the same way as ′Garden′ is related to -
(a) Flower-beds                                 (b) Beauty
(c) Rose                                             (d) Vegetable
(e) None of these
Answer:(a) Flower-beds
A Building consists of rooms. Similarly, a garden consists of Flower-beds.

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