Job searching is an aspect that needs to be under stood well and approached in a very professional by the young if they are serious about their career. They need to be well prepared and groomed to handle the job search in a meaningful manner.

As a human resource mentor, I often find that those who are well geared up to make their career choices are adequately prepared to seek their prospective job in their chosen sector. This gives them the motivation to advance well in their professional career. On the other hand, many graduates who are not properly focused on their career choices are unable to get a proper job. This gets them into an UN-happy frame of mind that reflects on their personality. Since they are not focused and determined to select a career, they are found unprepared to rise up to the expected standards of any particular sector and In turn, are left lamenting that they are not lucky.

In a competitive world like today, the aspect of searching for a job has to be dealt with in a professional manner in which the graduates will have to prepare in a systematic way to emerge successfully. The present scenario is that there are a large number of highly educated graduates applying for fewer positions in corporate or any other sector. The candidates will have to be focused and be spot on with their job search so that their efforts are not in vain.
It would be beneficial if the graduates bear in mind the following points which will help them develop professional approach towards job searching.

Identification: Efforts on the part of the candidate must go in making extra care to identify the job posit ions that would most likely suit them or something that they would be happy with. The basic sources for job vacancies are the notifications in the notice boards of their own institutions, newspapers advertisements, classified advertisements issued by the companies in various magazines and publications, the employment news periodical and so on. The candidates will have to network as much as possible with various sources to have a fair list of possible job openings before they start applying.

Being organized: The major element in a job search is that the candidates will have to get into working mode to prepare the documents and testimonials for their chosen job vacancies. The successful candidates are those who are able to understand the requirements of the prospective employers and present their credentials in an appealing manner, which will reflect their quality and skill.

Persuasive determination: The candidates will have to move to a high attitude mindset to be persuasive to get the jobs that they are interested in.
Their determination can act as formidable support for them to express themselves in a positive manner during the job search, which will keep their focus intact


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