USA Have apply a New Law Against Software Unfair Competition News: As per latest News from IDC Indian mid - sized manufacturing companies may go to loss of $ 3.5 million (Rs 210 crore) from their export revenues. Research firm International Data Corporation (IDC), says that companies who pirated (Unlicensed ) software has been used and have been exported to America, they would suffer losses.
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Indeed, the American Law against Unfair competitions in Louisiana and Washington has been applied, and the other states of the U.S. are going to implement it soon. This rule applies to all manufacturers who sell products in the U.S., the information technology (IT) must complete the attached legal conditions, including the use of legal software. If someone fails to live up to manufacture these terms than, stroke penalty will be taken or else may be imposed with the ban on its products.
Best of One get Licensed Software installed and saves to compensation
 According to IDC's recent study, India's all mid - sized companies are using pirated software. This can cause them loss of $ 3.5 million, but less spending amount they can you Licensed Software.
IDC VP and GM of South Asia Jaideep Mehta said, "We have to study in six countries including India and China. However, the use of pirated software in China is higher than in India. Numerous Indian companies are still using illegal software; in that case Country Image is also damage with fine
Respect much more loving than money
Six countries: India, China, Brazil, Mexico, Turkey and Thailand are using pirated software in 2014 a total of $ 790 billion (Rs 4.74 million) in export revenue may be lost. According to the report, if 10 percent pirated software will be less use than Government revenue will be $ 1.6 billion (including new revenue and tax) increased and near about 15, 00 new jobs opportunities will be comes in market.
600 people in six countries participated in the survey. 42 per cent of India, traders said “image goodwill risk is much better than money” According to Mehta, "India and Brazil over the business a bad name for being more concerned about financial loss while in against them China could not do it. Indian companies, especially at a time to better themselves that change, any change in regulations is a matter of when. "
Much more advantages of Licensed Software
Mehta said several advantages to the use of the Licensed Software.
The domestic IT companies for $ 70 million (Rs 4,200 crore) revenues will be generated. Other Industries to $ 90 million (Rs 5,400 crore) would be an advantage. In four years, the government will tax of $ 23 million.

According to Mehta, "currently in India has to protect pirated software and IP-related laws. Now the time has come that they should be strictly enforced. If it does not, then not only will affect the manufacturing segment, but also the economy, employment opportunities and may prove fatal for the country's image. "

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