Two year old Chinese boy attracts global attention due to alcohol addiction, surprised stories in the wolds, youngest child alcoholic in the world, bad habit news about two child boy in china, how they will do it, amazing stories in the world, two year boy drunk news, china latest news about two year boy News: Source::Beijing: Today we are telling about drunk of Alcohol, only two year child drinks alcohol.  So what is the matter, matter is that,  many time you have seen people have used / drinks the drug , but what you've seen 2 years old drunk? Discussion / news about Chinka of these days are the youngest alcoholic. Only Two years Cheng Cheng drinks the alcohol like as chronic alcoholic. First he was tested the Wine at the age of only 10 Months and after two months later he gulping the beer bottle.
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East China's Anhui Province, Cheng Cheng and his family are very worried about this activity. Whenever parents are trying to give feed him, than Cheng seems demand for wine. In the Local media of China Cheng habit remains a topic of discussion. Doctor says if this bad habit was not left very soon than their results will be cause considerable damage to his organs for Cheng's.

What are saying about social Trust and Peoples about this?

Social organizations are suggested to Cheng can be go to the Children's Monitoring Center. However, his family members are more serious about this suggestion. According to reports published in the local media, Once Cheng was crying that his father gave him a sip of wine. Since then caught him drinking alcohol.
Cheng is not going to school, but he allegedly fully beer bottle. His aunty Kai Teng said, "When Cheng drinks the whole bottle then they understood he will be alcoholic after growing to young generation. When they are not giving he demands for it.” Cheng's parents are also afraid that poor rearing for his son may be charges against them.


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