Latest news about iraq, iraq isis news about, status of iraq vs isis, what is isis, where to controls the iraq by isis, Sunni militants 'seize Iraq's western border, four cities objerved by isis militants, isis terrorist are killed news, Iraq War, latest iraq news News Source from Iraq: At this time Iraq have big trouble for humanity and Country. Many others country and Iraq Citizens face many difficulties living on there. We think in the world history brutally that rarely get to see or hear in history where thousands of innocent people are killed by ISIS militant for own ego satisfaction. ISIS militant doing death by unexpected and unnatural procedure they asking the meaning of a few words of Arabic if anybody can’t they shoot him on the spot. And alos punished by them they are using human wage as shoes and clothes to clean the hostages.
latest news about isis iraq

What are saying hostage people who have recently free 

According to many people’s asking about hostages they said “The terrorist put on to the bus and they have go far distance from city, after the destination place they drop down from the bus and asking some Arabic words, but whose not answered they shoot him. He has also not answered so they shoot him but by god blessing they will out of danger.
Dujel Salahuddin province north of Baghdad, is one of four cities. But have not been able to capture the terrorists are fighting. She said, He asked us about our religion. They Asked the Arabic words and their meanings. If anyone couldn’t tell the answer they will punished him. They were forcing to him, if you will stay in here wants to do work than, you have to respect the language and culture of Iraq.

Sunni militants in Iraq to capture three more cities

On Sunday Sunni militants in Iraq's border with Syria captured three cities. All three province cities are in western Anbar. ISIS terrorists in Iraq led forces attacked these towns were forced to retreat. Continue the struggle getting lost in two weeks Iraq's Shiite-led government has been stunned. Sunni militants near the Syrian border on Saturday captured Al Chaim security checkpoint. ISIS has become more accessible to Syria. He has also the controls on grain and Ana cities. The city is situated on the River Chaim Ufretes in the east.
killing of human iraq by isis

Many socialist politicians expressed their opposition to U.S. intervention in Iraq

Iran's top leader Ayatollah Ali Kmenei expressed strong protest to U.S. intervention in Iraq on Sunday. He said that the persons of Iraq itself are able to eliminate violence here. Kmenei judicial officials said “the U.S. wants to keep control of Iraq US also Wants to maintain its power”. There was not a sectarian conflict. But this dispute is between those who want to control Iraq's American.


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