isro news baout new commercial satellite, France new satellite setup news, commercial equipment setup by Indian satellite research organisation, science latest news, isro India news about new satellites, pslv c23 news isro, can-x5 Canada satellite news in India,Veloks-1 Singapore setup news News Source : Prime Minister Narendra Modi, witnessed of exclusive commercial satellite launch by India's national space agency ISRO tomorrow. ISRO from Sriharikota launch center was successfully launched five satellites of four different countries; 49-hour countdown launching was successfully launched five satellites.
The PM Modi said ISRO scientists during the two days I have seen four generations, starting from Aryabhata generations and today generations work together to find good looking. PM Modi said, such technology helps ordinary people. He also said “SAARC countries along with the new satellite missions are being worked on.” Modi said the PM, our country forward in science is always, first time India have given to zero science to the world so that reason science reach at this place. They said to scientists if they had met all benefits of their work to all common persons than quality of life can be making in wild places also. PM also highlighted the space sciences contributions of development and various utilities in country and world. 
PSLV (Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle C) C23 in the morning at 9 pm 52 minutes took off from Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota. ISRO official’s statements, estimated 20 minutes later 'Vrkhors' PSLV five satellites – establish one by one to their target orbit. In this campaign launching French Satellite Spot-7 is one of the heavy equipment around 714 Kg Wight.  On this Also PSLV Rgmni 14 kg Weighing Aaisat, Canadian NLS Point Forest (CAN - x 4) and NLS 7 Point Two (Cain - x 5): two 15 kg: and Singapore 7 kg Weighing Veloks-1, the drive and setup will orbit the earth.
ISRO Sriharikota witnessing the launch of PSLV rocket reached -23 Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said the central government is committed to the space program and speed.
A few hours after arriving from Chennai particular helicopter Sriharikota PSLV C -23 to project Modi tweeted on Sunday night and Monday morning will be in Sriharikota. During his visit, meet scientists.

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 ISRO what will Next Mission?
On this successful mission ISRO is also preparing to launch satellite for the U.S. Indian Satelite Research Organisation ISRO is day by day going to their best heights for their perfect and well future. ISRO is government body of Indian Science Research.


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