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 NAMO Antivirus current version provides basic protection with malware antiprotection. The company plans to introduce sophisticated version of the software. Abhishek Ggneja Innovazion Chief Executive Officer (CEO), said, in terms of those who use the Internet in India is the third largest country. Although the figures show that only 13 percent and 30 percent have a valid antivirus software antivirus software trial versions of the same software or other tend to find it again. 57percent don’t use any kind of security systems or if they are using unknown application used by them. NAMO is specially brought for them who can’t afford the antivirus fee. 

What about CEO or Befits of Namo 

However Ggneja explained that the company has no connection with any political party Namo is the marketing strategy only for well popular this antivirus. He said, making the software we wanted to congratulate the new government. We also want to convey the message that the country has great expectations from them. The antivirus software immediately provide information about the virus, are characterized by improved scanning. Asked about the revenue model Ggneja said the company would continue to receive free security software. We have other businesses that are doing well for the past year, the Group's revenue was $ 16 million this year, 100 percent what to expect. Namo Anti-Virus product will remain free.
So dear friends be Indian, and Grab this opportunity download just we are mentioning here free links for NAmo Antivirus

Full version AV antivirus NAMO without paying a single rupee

About Company Profile of NAMO Creation or Build up
namo antiviurs free download in here

NaMo Antivirus is India own free antivirus designed especially for those who do not want to pay for their system security and who think the antivirus would make their PC slow. Antivirus NaMo Built by  Innovazion ( and promoted by Webifly ( this software protect your PC from Malware or others antitheft protections.


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