Why Facebook Color is blue and not changed any time till the Opening News: Source: Social networking site Facebook is becoming an integral part of people's lives by doing spending time online or through Internet. The younger generation craze nowadays is the growing, but do you know much more uses or many times spending on FB why the Facbook color is not changed. Why its colors are same blue colors. So here we are telling about truth about Facebook colors and others history.
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Why facebook color is always  blue?

You must be surprised but its reality whenever you will go to the actually concepts about blue color of facebook.  According to the website of Facebook co - founder Mark Jukrberg Blaidn have Color Blindness disease. That is the name of disease which is red and green and others according to persons various symptoms can’t watch out so they have chosen the blue colors of facebook.

 What is Color Blindness Disease?

As we know that red or green color is used to make multiple colors to paint them so facebook color given by them is not easy. So the facebook Color is Blue Color.


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