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Many perons have very bad expericenc about their miss behaviours and over limits of Alcohol so now, If you are looking to track your off-limits daily alcohol intake and develop mature drinking habits, get this app on your Smartphone.  The app, developed by the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Ontario, Canada, helps users identify drinking behaviour, set personal goals and track their progress when it comes to drinking.
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“This is a way of helping people set their goals and give them feedback," Wayne Skinner, deputy clinical director of the centre, was quoted as saying in the Toronto Sun. Named “Saying When", the app outlines low risk drinking guidelines and has links to outside resources to help people recognise patterns of problem drinking.

SMSes can help young adults reduce binge drinking

Mobile phone text messages can help young adults reduce binge drinking by over 50 per cent, a new study indicates. Young adults in the US who screened positive for a history of hazardous or binge drinking halved their binge drinking after receiving mobile phone text messages following a visit to the emergency department.

“The hospitals provide a unique setting to screen young adults for drinking problems and to engage with them via their preferred mode of communication to reduce future use," said Brian Suffoletto from the University of Pittsburgh's School of Medicine. During the study, researchers enrolled 765 young adult emergency patients with a history of hazardous drinking.

For 12 weeks, one- third received text messages prompting them to respond to drinking- related queries and received text messages in return for offering feedback on their answers. The group receiving text messages decreased their self- reported binge drinking days by 51 per cent and decreased the number of self- reported drinks per day by 31 per cent. “We need to intervene in a meaningful way in the health and habits of people when they are young," Suffoletto added.

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