You can easily trace airtel 3g plans by using Airtel USSD Codes. Many times Airtel internet users don’t know what kinds of Internet plans are available for their Numbers so this facility is better for everyone who desired to know which plan is suitable for them. First time company was giving only voice call services but in today fast growing technology company starts their various features like 2G, 3G and 4G. This corporate is providing their services nationwide so as per customers Requirements Company is providing various services like airtel 3g plans and now you can also to do airtel online recharge. 

Online airtel recharge Prepaid

Sometimes many persons don’t have time go to retailers shop and pay money in cash. So company is providing online recharge airtel on mobile. By doing airtel recharge online technology you can save your time and money, because some time online recharge companies offers discount for bsnl 3g data card. Airtel is the world’s third India’s Number Mobile Service Provider Company. Airtel is the Part of Bharti Airtel. It provides 2G, 3G and 4G services in 20 countries worldwide. Airtel provides unique and top of Telecommunication Provider Company with Millions of its satisfaction Customers. So many times you wants activate your services on fingers so let’s begin here we are publishing USSD codes of Airtel, Airtel Toll free Numbers and also SMS activate service. You can put these sms or USSD Code will easily access services.
airtel ussd codes

airtel bill payment
You can easily maintain your Communications Balance Check, Customer Care Number Complaints of your number related queries.

Internet Setting and APN Setting and Profile how to Use APN for Smartphone and Internet Manualy Setting of Internt in Airtel
  • Airtel Balance and Validity Inquiry  *123# 
  • Airtel Voucher Card Recharge Code  *101*Voucher Code than #
  • Missed Call Alert Services  *888# 
  • Local National SMS Packs  *777# / 555#
  • USSD Code for Airtel Mobile Number Check ->  *140*1600# *282#, 121*9#, *400*2*1*1*0#
  • Hello Tunes Menu  *678# 
  • Activate / Deactivate GPRS Services  *567# 
  • Mobile check-ins, Special Offers and Rewards  *566# 
  • Twitter Service  *515#  
  • Free Facebook Access (Rs. 1 per day)  *325# 
  • Airtel Live Services (Music, Movies, Cricket, Astrology, News)  *321# 
  • Get your own Airtel number on screen  *282# 
  • Special 5 Offers (All offers at Rs. 5 per day)  *222#  
  • Airtel Gifting Service (Share Talk time, Ask for Talktime,)  *141#  
  • Check Free STD Minutes Balance  *123*8# 
  • Check Free Local, STD SMS Balance *123*7#  
  • Local Airtel to Airtel Night Minutes Balance  *123*6#  
  • Local SMS Balance Check   *123*2#  
  • Check 3G Data Balance        *123*11#  
  • Check Free 2G Data Balance  *123*10#  
  • Airtel to Airtel Mins Balance  *123*1#  
  • Last 5 Transactions, Value Added Services   *121*7#  
  • Manage Dish TV Account  *121*6#  
  • Value Added Services (Jobs, Astrology, Hello Tunes, Airtel Talkies)*121*4#  
  • My Airtel My Offer (Best Offer Your Number)    *121#  
  • Daily SMS Count USSD ->  *125*5#

How Start Your Airtel Service Through to SMS

  • Contests (Charges – Rs. 6 per minute)                           543217
  • Airtel Chat with Friends (Charges – Rs. 6 per minute)  543216 
  • Airtel Song Catcher (Charges – Rs. 6 per minute)         543215 
  • Airtel Background Music during Call (Charges – Rs. 6 per minute)    543214 
  • Airtel Music Station (Charges – Rs. 6 per minute)        543213 
  • Airtel Live Services (Charges – Rs. 6 per minute)        543212 
  • Hello Tunes Service (Charges – Rs. 6 per minute)        543211 
  • Activate / Deactivate DND Service                             1909 
  • Complaints (Uniform for all Telecom services)              198 
  • Recharging your phone and for Special Five Service      123
  • Airtel Customer Care                                                 121 
  • Stop any service in Airtel Send SMS by Write>> STOP Send it to>     121 
  • Start any service in Airtel Send SMS by Write>> (START)>                121 
  • Activate 3G in Airtel Data service if not activated SMS>     (3G)>       121 
  • Airtel Stop Do Not Disturb Service SMS > (STOP DND)>                   1909 
  • Start Do Not Disturb Service Send SMS>     (START DND)>               1909 
  • Get Airtel LIVE configuration settings Send SMS (LIVE)>                   52567

Airtel Internet Dongle Data Card, Smartphone, Android Setting By Manually

Airtel Internet PC Setting

Account or Profile name: any name
Airtel Apn Name :  
Dial up: *99#
Username:                        LEAVE blank it
Password                          LEAVE blank it

Smartphone Android Setting of Airtel Manually 

  1. AccountName:- AIRTELLIVE

  2. Homepage:-

  3. Username:- BLANK

  4. Password:- BLANK

  5. User Preferred Access Point Settings(APN): NO ACCESS POINT SETTINGS

  6. Proxy:- ENABLE

  7. Proxy address:-

  8. Proxy port:- 8080