Audi A3 Hatchback Review
German Car manufacturer and production house company Audi has launched its Sedan A3 Model in India on Thursday. Audi have Luxury already launched its car As on February it through Auto Expo. All of them Audi A3 is the first car before launching is being made in India.

In New Delhi, the value of A3 sedan car is in between Rs. 22.95 and Rs 33.66 lakh. As per, Delhi showroom, the Petrol Fueled A3 Sedan’s engine is of 1800cc and the Price value is Rs. 28.95 lakh. Whereas, the diesel engine of Audi A3 is of 2000cc and the price value differs from 22.95 lakh, 25.95 lakh, 29.95 lakh and 32.66 lakh variation is found.

“Audi is the India’s first Luxury vehicle” said by Joe King because especially in the areas of design the youngsters will find it awesome and beautiful. We are with hopes on the customer-centric approach whereby they are planning to approach to a new Audi car.

“We have the confidence that the launching of A3 Audi will be liked by many companies and more than15 members of customers will approach to it”. He also said that “A3 India’s SUV Q-3, Sedan A4, and Sedan A6 shall be combined together & increase the companies outcome”. A3 Sedan is available in both Petrol and Diesel features.

Joe King said, as per the increment in the Sales, “Hopefully the first half in the automotive industry growth rates to remain stable, But on the second half vehicles are expanded to grow in advance.

Audi has double the digits this year and has plans of increasing the digit growth plans of which would be a record for us.
In the year 2013, the company in the country has sold around 10,002 vehicles. And more than 10 thousand luxury car companies have been raised up. Meanwhile, his competitive Germany’s Mercedes of 9,003 and BMW of 7,327 cars have been sold.