In the 21st century no work can be done without a computer. Once upon a time computers are rarely used in offices, but now you can see in every house. Some peoples work is so much that they need to spend the whole day in front of computers whereby, for longer hours they have to use their fingers and eyes and work being done non-stop effects not only the eyes, neck or other parts of the body, but it also makes them too much tired.
right sitting posture while working on

If you ignore, then it is sure to lead to various diseases other problems. Therefore the solution to such problems should be taken into action as soon as possible by doing certain exercise while working on computers, will lead to better rewarding lives, whereby the stress and strain of eyes and hands comes to a better result and does not affect the ability of your work too. Therefore, very often keep rubbing your hands and close your eyes and keep your hands on your eyes for a little while, this will reduce fatigue. After that open your eyes, and keep rotating your eyeballs in four directions.  Then close your eyes, take a deep breath and relax.

 While seated on the chair bring your shoulders to an equivalent position in front of your shoulder. Below both the hands make a fist, keeping the palm downward and keep turning your palms round & round. Remember keep your thumb inside your hand. Keep turning both your palms on both directions. Keep breathing normally. And let this exercise been done every 5 minutes in a day. On doing this the hands & fingers will be free of tension. This little exercise will be a great help to the ones working on the computer for longer hours and can overcome the Stress and problems they face.