Now  Facebook has invented a new feature named ‘Ask’, which roughly gives the chance to ‘Flirt’. Facebook is slow by slow providing this feature to people. Some people in Facebook Profile haven’t mentioned anything about their relationship, in those pages other people can find the feature ‘Ask’ button, through which people will be asking about their relationship.
new features of facebook social site
If on your page you find anybody else clicking on ‘Ask’ button, then you can see a small box opening, whereby you have to provide a small message. After that along with their reply message you can find their relationship list, in which you have to tick mark and mention about your status. Facebook has taken care of that whereby you already want to reveal their relationship status.

Hence Facebook in the same place has provided this option whereby you can view their relation status only to ask you or you can see everyone’s relations. Due to the growing trend of online debating site Facebook has introduced this feature because using this feature you can ask people about their Debt. Facebook may be the way to inspire the marketers.

Because knowing the people’s relationship status they get a particular type of product / Ad can be given. Because if you ask someone about your status, then the Facebook will have your personal information data.