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Good news for those who are working in Hindi on the Internet. The Central Government Wednesday dot India is onset of domains (. India). The Hindi users of the Internet now will be able to type in the URL of the website Hindi India by registering with dot Bharat. (डॉट भारत)   
dot bharat डॉट भारत domain register

Communications and information technology Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad introduced dot India domain. National Internet Exchange of India from its beginning has been made. To search for anything in English until now you had to write the URL, but now it will not to do the same. Now the indigenous languages will be put in the URL domain सरकार.भारत या शिक्षा.भारत. The important thing is that in addition to this domain written in Devanagari Hindi Bodo, Konkani, Maithili, dogri, Marathi, Nepalese and Sindhi languages be used in dot domain.
With the URL for India in the beginning will not need to write WWW for example like President’s website url would be राष्ट्रपति.सरकार.भारत.
According to the national Internet exchange (NIXI) of India “dot (डॉट भारत) extension to use the Internet to relocate indigenous languages website”.
Buy only Rs 250 Cost only: The domain name will be the trade mark for verification and that charges would be 250 bucks and service tax additional. In eight languages, whose script is Devanagari, they can use it.
What’s before already exists in China and Europe as equals: By doing so India is now China and Europe at the forefront of those countries became involved, where local language website facilitates open.