From 18th of April the support of Windows XP is going to be closed, but theirs nothing to worry about it. As in your PC the software of Operating System (OAS) can be installed.

Yes, the Videos will work out in Microsoft Windows like OAS, this is another software you are going to get it for free. This is an operating system named as “Linux”. Just like the Internet browser Mozilla Firefox, the free software of Source Operating System too can be installed very easily.
window xp free services and features
The special feature of Linux are: Linux Operating System is not only used to get for free but quite very far from Threat of virus attacks and hacking. The main reason of this is in Linus “Dot ASCII” files cannot be downloaded. It can also be said it’s a drawback of it, but you can also get rid of the virus and hacking too.

All applications of Videos Office can be found in Linux. In Linux, with the name of Liber Office also is found. The tools of these are almost like Windows Office.