social sites wallet work
Now you can transfer Money through Facebook and Whatsapp. Based on Oxygen Wallet Mobile, the payment company has updated Ape Oxygen Wallet. Through networking site usage, this new App makes the Facebook users, Google Plus, Twitter and Messaging app & Whatsapp help in transferring the money.
Through Oxygen Wallet service, users of Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and Google Plus and Twitter can share their money to Friends & Family. Not only that even the mobile recharge can be done, also the billing and online shopping can be done through this service.

With the Oxygen App service users of Whatsapp and Facebook can transfer their amount of approximate Rs. 5,000.  This service launches the speculation of the Social Network Platform and this app will maximize the use of Oxygen App. Not only that, through to this app you can book online ticket and also shopping can be done.
The company assures of giving security and safety measures and provides total surety of this App. This App can be used in Android and IOS platforms and it’s made available to users for free.