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What will we when Baby don’t drink mother's milk
Mother's milk is the perfect food for the baby. Hence milk every child's greatest need. Many  times children would not drink mother's or not wants mothers milk. Why is its lets  know more about Baby Mil Feeding Tips.

When the child does not drink mother's milk:

If the newborn baby does not drink milk properly or  he does not drink mother's milk. Feeding position precisely because many may not be. Due to the common cold or feed the baby nose off pine might be trouble.
Ear Ache can also cause this problem.

Other reason:

Insufficient Baby Milk of Mother 
Any type of Infection in the mother's nipple.
Or sometimes baby likes milk supplements test is coming up so she cannot drink mother's milk.

What to do if baby / child not feeding the Mother Milk

First of feeding the child properly secured in the correct position. The child to drink milk.
In the beginning you need to help your baby feeding.
If your baby is give him cold than give him nasal drop and than feed your baby again and again. Due nose not drink milk often find children's fullest satisfaction.
If your baby does not drink your milk will still get so out of hand or pump your milk to store her and than give it to the baby. You must take advice from your doctor on the subject.
As well as your child's understand the sentiment they convey or try gestures which may be starving her briefing. As soon as you give your hungry your engaged Baby milk.
No words can tell the baby to his word. But if you try, you can succeed find out  the exact cause of his trouble.


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