London: If you want to stay in your office happy and active, then near to your computer do keep a plant as per the new research, its much better of the presence of green plants instead of useless designs or in other words the ‘Green Office’ make employees happy and more bereft active. Research has found that without greenery to office employees leaves may be extended upto the efficiency of 15 percent.
green office impact for employees
Cardiff University at Department of Psychology Marlon Niyuvenhius says that, advantages of locating plants in the office will increase the quality and work productivity in the work. Research said that, Quality, attention, respect and satisfaction in the workplace along with the care and greenery view of the staff can be found. In the next two months, the productivity of the employees are very well monitored in the two commercial offices of US and Netherlands. The researchers have found that, because of the plants in offices satisfaction at the workplace and attention levels and air quality has improved significantly.