google x how will be controlGoogle’s automated aircraft test which will be useful in future to deliver the goods.
The project technical research arm of Google ‘Google X’ is being developed. Google’s automatic car has been developed in the same branch.

The project was released by Google in the last few years, but yet it was kept secret.

Google says that its-long term objective is to develop drones whereas to provide disaster relief supplies in affected areas which can be used.

Astro Teller the Captain of Google X has said, “If incase a very small number of such aircraft tend to provide frequent services then it will be very helpful in terms of emergency case to a very large population to provide goods.”

Technical Side of the plane

The prototype aircraft developed in Australia has been successful in tests.

The drone’s wings extend upto 4.9 feet and these four propellers are driven by electric which fly.

The planes weighing of Eight and half pound, the goods of half kg can be transported through these planes.

World’s most popular Online retail company Amazon last year in December had declared about the Amazon fly under which orders will be transported to the drone within thirty minutes.

The Company will be implementing the scheme in the year 2015 is of the course expected.

Although it is not clear for such deeds over the use of drones how the rules will apply.