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Washington: Watching movies like ‘The Island’ action movies could prove fatal for you.  Indeed, A new study has warned that on watching such movies there is a strong likelihood of being obese.

 On several researches, they found that viewers watching TV, with frequent eating higher food consumption and sitting for longer hours of sedentary lifestyle has been shown correlated. Now a new study by Cornell University has underlined that some TV programs compared to other programs creates a tendency to eat frequently.

Lead Author of the research, Aner Tal said that, In our research we found that while watching action movies eating tendency frequently keeps on arising. In the study, 94 college students who watch television program of 20 minutes during breakfast were provided with snacks of M&M’s, cookies, carrots and grapes. In this 1/3rd of the participants were watching Science Fiction of 2005, an American action film based on ‘The Island’ excerpts was seen. The film is directed by Michael Bay and the actors starring in the movie are Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johnson.

One third of the segment of participants was watching a talk show, the Charlie Rose show, and a third watched the same segment from The Island without sound. Cornell Food and Brand Lab Director and Professor Brian Wansink said, those watching “The Island” ate more than those of 98% who were watching the talk show. Professor Biran is also the co-author of the research.

Wansink has said that, People those who were watching the movie “The Island” without sound had eaten 36% more of the snacks. This research is done and published in the American Medical Association: Internal Medicine journal.