World's Most Expensive iPhone 5: Black Diamond Handset
Yes, you have read it right, This is world’s most expensive Smartphone. The price of this phone is of Dollar16.5 Million (more than Rs 6 Crore) the picture of the phone displayed is of iPhone5 Black Diamond Model.

You might be thinking that, You have not yet heard about such a phone like iPhone, Mr. We would like to tell you that, this is not Apple  launched model, but the famous Businessman Gadget Designer ‘Stuart Hughes’ hand-crafted piece a unique model designed especially for luxurious people.

Looking at the Phones Home Button you might have understood that why is it named as iPhone5 Black Diamond. The Home-button is replaced with a 26-carat flawless polished diamonds.

Stuart Hughes himself has designed this iPhone. To design this phone no machinery of any kind has been used.  To design such a phone and inlay of flawless white diamonds it takes about 2 months of time.

Stuart Hughes is England’s most famous Gadget Designer. For a certain class he creates such a design. Stuart Hughes says that He is having fun in creating Luxury and Technology together.
Hughes says that, even though the phone being so expensive the consumers are never lacking in buying it.


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