Confirmed: Microsoft To Kill Windows Live Messenger in 2013
Microsoft is set to close its Microsoft Live Messenger service, formerly called (MSN), in its final MARKET of China this October. This service has been running from past 15 years.

On Thursday, Chinese Videos LIVE Microsoft users received an email from Microsoft relating information about the scheme.

MSN Messenger Service was introduced in 1999, but when Microsoft bought its rival Skype, it was almost closed to most of the users.

Those using Skype

China users are still using the same old service, and Skype will be closed to them by October 31.

From the year 2009 33 Crore users in China are using the same service.

 MSN Messenger text Chat Service occurred as from the beginning.

But in this service as when technology developed sending photos along with, features such as video calls and playing games facilities were also available.

In the year 2012, Microsoft had been sold for 8.5 Billion dollar and Skype was purchased and gave a signal to close MSN Messenger.