Most Smartphones Battery is not work smoothly they are finish after Ten to twelve hours. So Here We are Telling you how you can charge your mobile through to the pillow device this amazing and new technology gadget.   
Nokia Wireless Charging Plate and Fatboy Pillow review

If you are tired by the hard day’s work, and your mobile battery is over, then when you rest on your pillow make your mobile too rest on your pillow. Yes, you read right. While you are resting on your pillow, your mobile too is getting charged. Nokia has been such a pillow, that on keeping the phone it will be charged. So now you have to give your mobile a power nap.

On keeping the phone on the pillow, you need not plug the mobile to the charger. Your phone will be charged while you are sleeping on the pillow. The dimensions of the pillow are 190mm length and 140mm width and the thickness is 30mm. The weight of it is 112 grams. It has a charger of wireless connectivity. And the charging connector of it is 2.2mm.


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